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About Us

Lifting Native Members, Tribes, and Businesses

Native Together exists for the soul purpose of lifting up Native American members, tribes, and businesses. As a central hub, Native Together hopes to be a place where Native American information can be found and accessed easily.  Information including job postings, bids, products, services, consultants, businesses, education, training, conventions, seminars, blogs, grants, advice, and anything Native will be welcome on the this site!


Our Story

As a member of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, I have a passion for other fellow Native Americans trying to be successful in life.  I am part of a business development team in my tribe.  We are often trying to work with members of our tribe or members of other tribes when we have a business need or position available.  In my research to connect with other native members, tribes, or businesses I found that there was a void to be filled. 

I realized there is not a central website where anyone can go to find native businesses in the area. That is why Native Together was created, to fill this need!  We should lift each other up.  We should hire more natives and to work with native companies whenever possible.  We should support each other and buy native products. We should employ native services whenever possible. We may come from different tribes, but there is no reason we cannot be Native Together!

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